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"Eva" An Auschwitz survivor’s journey to forgiveness and healing | A film by Ted Green, Mika Brown and WFYI Public Media, Indianapolis
"What one thing can you do to make the world better?" - Eva Kor Image of Eva Kor and students at the planting of the Eva Kor Peace Garden at Newfields in Indianapolis.
Welcome to the Eva Education Program!   Strongly recommended by educators across the nation, the program focuses on Eva’s 12 life-affirming messages — Acceptance, Forgiveness, Empathy, Moral Courage, Hope and more. Suitable for Grades 5-12 and emphasizing social-emotional learning, it consists of a shortened version of the documentary “Eva: A-7063” and the interactive Eva Educator’s Guide, which includes video clips, discussion questions and activities. The Educator’s Guide corresponds with the CDC Mental and Emotional Health Education Standards, Indiana’s Social-Emotional Learning Competencies and Indiana’s Workforce Employability Skills Benchmarks. It’s available for free digitally on PBS Learning Media, or on hard copy on the links below. Enjoy!
Kids waving at the Indiana Historical Society in front of Eva banner.
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Click here to access the Eva Education Program for free digitally on PBS Learning Media.
Eva speaking to a group of German girls.
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Eva Kor Peace Garden
Eva Outreach and Education Program
Student Interviews
"Now I forgive some people. Because of Eva!!!" - 5th grader
"Be the sun in someone's cloudy day." - 7th grader
"I will stick up for someone who is being picked on." - 5th grader
"Eva, I think I could be nicer, be kinder, be happy, think positive, never bully." - 5th grader
Teacher Testimonials
"The (Eva Educational) toolkit really helps teachers design engaging lessons and activities, supported with best instructional practice, around the powerful themes of Eva's story. Just as importantly, teachers use it to create meaningful and authentic conversations about these themes that are student-centered. That makes this toolkit so unique, blending excellent curriculum support with a powerful guide map for connecting the profound meaning of Eva's story of students' lives." - Eric Heagy, Indianapolis Public Schools Curriculum and Instruction Social Studies and World Language Coach; "Provided our students an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation that I hope will motivate them to think differently, with compassion and hope, and channel that into their actions not only during their time with us, but when they return to the greater society." - Chris DeHart High School History Teacher and Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facilityt
Teacher having a discussion with her 6th grade class about acceptance from the Eva Educational Toolkit.