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"Eva" An Auschwitz survivor’s journey to forgiveness and healing | A film by Ted Green, Mika Brown and WFYI Public Media, Indianapolis
"Be the best you that you can be." - Eva Kor– Eva Kor
Eva Kor talks to an emotional group of girls from Germany at Auschwitz.

As a 10-year-old “Mengele Twin,” Eva Kor suffered some of the worst of the Holocaust. At 50, she launched the biggest manhunt in history. In her 80s, she circled the globe to promote the lesson her journey taught: Healing through forgiveness.

Eva is a triumph of hope, and this film is her legacy piece. "Eva is more than just a story," says actor Elliot Gould. "She's a revelation of what's possible in the human condition."

Narrated by Hollywood icon Ed Asner, "Eva: A-7063" tells the full, astonishing story of this historic figure for the first time, tracking her from Auschwitz to Israel to the United States - even into the U.S. Capitol for her jaw-dropping arrest - and ultimately to her courageous return to the Nazi death camp.

Co-Producers Ted Green and Mika Brown stand with Eva Kor at the CNN studios in London.

It reveals her hidden pain, unbridled rage and unextinguished love for humanity that transformed her into an international spokeswoman followed by millions.

"Eva: A-7063," a documentary by Ted Green and Mika Brown in partnership with WFYI, Indianapolis' PBS affiliate, aired on 94% of PBS member stations in 2019.

Our journey with Eva took us more than 90,000 miles around the world and illuminated a psychological odyssey that will be discussed for generations. Ultimate destination:


Eva Kor in Miami.



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Eva Kor gives the peace sign at Auschwitz.


Writer | Director | Producer

In 2010, Ted Green switched to filmmaking after 20 years as a newspaper journalist. Since then he has produced seven documentaries and won 17 regional Emmys including Best Documentary four times.

Eva Kor at her CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Terre Haute, Ind.


Co-Producer |Cinematographer

Mika Brown has covered five of Eva's trips to Auschwitz, earning a Telly for Best Documentary and two regional Emmys for this film. As a news photojournalist, Mika has won many honors from the Indiana Society of Professional Journalists.