"Eva" An Auschwitz survivor’s journey to forgiveness and healing | A film by Ted Green, Mika Brown and WFYI Public Media, Indianapolis
"Be the best you that you can be." – Eva Kor

Eva Mozes Kor.

Survivor of Auschwitz, survivor at age 10 of inhuman experiments by notorious Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, Eva Kor has emerged as the leading global figure in the fight to keep the lessons of the Holocaust alive, delivering a message at once controversial and immensely powerful:


Fighting off time and failing health, this 4-foot-9, 84-year-old Terre Haute woman travels the world with her walker, leading tours to Poland and her native Romania, doing CNN specials in London and book signings in Germany, all with a single goal.

"I know it's some kind of a fantasy that I could, with my little idea of forgiveness, somehow help heal the world," she says. "But if I help heal one single person, I'm already happy."
"Eva is courage wrapped up in that little tiny body of hers," says fellow Holocaust speaker Jeannie Opdyke Smith. "To have gotten out of that cocoon of bondage and become a butterfly, that's a magnet. If you could bottle that ... "

"Eva," a documentary by Ted Green and Mika Brown in partnership with WFYI, Indianapolis' PBS affiliate, highlights an Indiana story with international scope and impact. Narrated by Hollywood icon Ed Asner and featuring an all-star cast, "Eva" is scheduled to air on WFYI 1 Thursday, October 25 at 8pm (EST).
Eva Kor gives the peace sign at Auschwitz.
Eva the Globetrotter
Eva Kor in Miami.
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Eva Kor at her CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Terre Haute, Ind.
CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center